Candy Crush Saga Level 65 Tips

Level 65 can feel like an impossible level when you have been stuck for even just a few days. The chocolate is a real headache. There is no magic formula, but with these tips, collected from a number of great guides, you can really up your chances of moving past this pesky board.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Take out the chocolate as quickly as possible. If it begins to take over, you'll spend too much time and too many moves simply trying to clear enough to make matches. Remember - chocolate only generates when the previous move didn't clear any chocolate. 

Plan ahead

This is especially important on levels with chocolate. The only way to clear the chocolate is to take it out in consecutive moves whenever possible. The requires planning.

Work one side of the board at a time

Concentrate on one side at a time. This makes it easier to plan ahead.

Sprinkle and stripe

It's tough to get, but this is the best power combo for this stage.

Line up the stripes

Look for striped candies that line up with the side candies. It's a great way to pick off those hard to reach candies.

Cascading matches

If there are no combos available, look for vertical matches near the bottom of the board. This increases the chances of cascading matches.


  1. I cleared level 65 after many attempts but they wouldn't let me advance unless I would pay money or ask Facebook friends.

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  3. I was lucky enough to beat 65 after like 15 attempts or so. I read the strategies first because I heard it was a hard level. Definitely clear the chocolate first and then the x licorice boxes next. Try to get and use special candies as much as possible.

  4. The Chocolates keep coming back- how do you get rid of them for good???

  5. This level can be tricky but I have the best Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65 on my site. Chocolate comes first then everything else follows. Work on the bottom of the board and let the cascade effect take care of the top.

  6. Chocolate comes first....then the corner licorice X's and jellies. These are the hardest areas to get to so most of your focus needs to be here. There are a few extra pointers about how to Beat Candy Crush Level 65 that will help you well as a video commentary