Candy Crush Saga Level 29 Tips

Follow these hints and tips to make light work of Candy Crush Saga Level 29. Only 60 moves to clear more than 50 jellies - including double jellies and frosted requiring an extra hit.

200,000 points too! It's a big ask.......

Clear out the frosted jellies and the corners first

You may as well start with these. It's easier at the bringing than at the end when you are running out of moves.

Work from the bottom

Look for matches near the bottom. They produce the most cascading matches, helping clear more jellies per move. Use vertical matches near the bottom too. Horizontal matches only drop the same three colors and produce a lot less cascading matches.

Use power candy combos

Probably obvious to you by now, but at this point in the game, they really start to make a difference. Plan ahead to put power candies next to each other.


  1. I see all kinds of posts that there are 60 moves to start on level 29. I only have 40?????

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